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Follow Friday (June 17, 2011)

Haven’t done this in AGES. I haven’t been very active lately so here’s just a very quick one, I guess. Hm. I’ll make one using the word, “celution”. Also, changing my Tumblr to “thecelution-” after this. I’ll update my “about” section on the meaning behind that.

C: celule

E: elbows

L: loveyourchaos | lairy-fights

U: - (wow not following any U Tumblrs)

Ttorpid | tror

I: inventum | italianjapanese-

O: orientaltiger

Nnoctivagant- | natus | nagging | naturae

Please don’t be offended if you’re not on here and I follow you. These are just some of the many.

June 17th
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